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Experience the Best Food and Nightlife Around!

At Logan’s Bar & Grill in Freeport, IL. Everyone can find something they love to dine on in our menu.


We deliver anything on our menu!

Call and place your order today! 815-232-4592.

We offer carry out also. Call for our pizza specials and other specials we may offer throughout the month!


Our Entertainment options are unmatched!

We have so many great events from Trivia to Karaoke to live performances every night we are open.


Let us help celebrate you on your birthday!

Simply bring in your ID and your meal is on us! If you're looking for a place to host the party we have you covered just give us a ring 815-232-4592.

Giving Back To Our Community

An Article From Michelle Magee

"At Logan’s we strive to make the community which we live in our main focus. We do this by giving back to those who live here, as well as giving back to our community as a whole. We frequently host events focused on our community. Perhaps you have heard about these events and maybe have even attended some. Fundraisers for both Freeport high schools and Highland Community College sports teams is always well received. Individual fundraisers for those in Freeport and nearby communities battling illnesses and the uninsured expenses is dear to us. We also host events that we hope bring people together and encourages them to meet new people. Perhaps you have come out to our team trivia nights as a member of a team or just to observe. Do you enjoy live music? Logan’s has that on a regular basis.


Logan’s is doing its part in bringing events to Freeport for everyone. It’s something you can get out of your house to participate in and enjoy with fellow Freeporters! We welcome you to bring your children out for live music and dancing as well. Our motto “Where community is #1 and customers become family” could not be truer. We love the community support for the events we host! Freeport is a great place to live with a lot of great people. Like most communities, Freeport has its troubles like all communities do, but the more we do, the better our community becomes. When we all give back, even a little, Freeport becomes a better place to live and grow. Be involved! I understand we all live busy lives, but ask yourself, how hard would it be to take a couple hours each week to focus on the community you live in? Giving back to the community you live in should not feel like an obligation, it should be part of our daily routine that we enjoy. At Logan’s we do just that, we make giving back to our community part of our daily routine. We hope to pass that “giving back” feeling to our customers, children, family & friends. We encourage you to put down your cell phone, tablet or computer; go out and be involved in your community. We promise it will make you feel better as a person. Being involved doesn’t always mean giving money, it means giving your time more than anything! Tidy up your neighborhood, support local businesses, volunteer and help raise money. You may surprise yourself how good it feels to help your community. We at Logan’s hope that you will visit our events and become part of our family of friends."

Michelle Magee
Logan’s - Freeport